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The latest policy of electric vehicles

Songi Electric Bicycle Co,.Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2016

For individuals to buy electric vehicles for dollars "charge subsidy" new energy vehicles free of 125 yuan / vehicle license fee, the first in China to allow the passage of electric city car logistics ...... Reporter innovation and transformation of Hefei science and technology to upgrade from the recently held promotion meeting was informed that the new policy is to promote the rapid spread of new energy electric vehicles in Hefei, the end of May, the number has reached 9413, ranking fifth in the country.

Hefei Science and Technology Bureau official said, the city took the lead in the country introduced a number of measures to promote the use of new energy electric vehicles. For example, in Hefei, China first proposed to broaden the range of an electric vehicle traffic stream "of 1.5 tons or less electric vehicle issued citywide logistics permit, allow within a ring and viaducts, overpasses on travel." At the same time, in view of some of the cell does not fit the charging facility construction, the city first proposed in the country to facilitate the grant of the property, "residential district residents to buy new energy vehicles over 10, giving services to facilitate the property services business 2,000 yuan / vehicle grant funds."

In addition, for individuals to purchase pure electric vehicles, Hefei currently given 10,000 yuan per vehicle financial assistance for the installation of charging facilities for personal use and charging fees for the first compulsory traffic accident liability insurance costs, but also give full financial assistance . In use, the city free of new energy vehicles, 125 yuan / vehicle license fees, new energy vehicles in urban street parking temporary parking free of charge.

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